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You know the thing you need most of all?

You need a hand to hold.

A Doctor/Rose Challenge Community
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A community to bring you Doctor/Rose shippy goodness in the form of a weekly challenge!

Welcome to A Hand to Hold, a Doctor/Rose Challenge community. This community is designed to cater to all the shippy aspect of the Doctor's and Rose's relationship. That doesn't mean there won't be more general themed prompts around, but at heart, this community loves the story of the Doctor and Rose. What this comm serves to do is help those of you who are suffering from a loss of inspiration. Be you writers, artists or graphic makers alike, this community will try and serve up a good, healthy dosage of Doctor/Rose goodness. There are a few rules to consider, but they really are few and far between.


This community is an open, honest challenge community that has a primary focus of the Doctor and Rose, and their relationship together. Many people believe that their relationship was cordial, rather than romantic, and though those of you who see that are of course welcome here (and welcome to use the prompts to your heart's content), it is reminded that many of the challenges will be centred on the Doctor and Rose, so please don't use them to go off and write a Doctor/Donna story, or whatever (or if you do, be discreet ;)).

Other than that, there really are no rules. Every week a prompt will be posted up and members will be allowed to fathom it for as long as they please. The prompts will never close, or be revoked, or anything like that. They'll be free to browse forever, for that special time when you're in a writing flunk and are desperately finding some way to get out of it.

The prompts will not always be text based. Some of them will be from songs, others will be photographs from the internet. This is simply to spice things up a little and see what you all can come up with. Again, it's completely up to you what you do with these prompts. All we're here for is to try and give your creativity a little shove in the right direction (:

You'll find you cannot post directly to the community. This is in place so that the only posts here are the challenges, and occasional mod posts, by the mods. You are of course free to post your works wherever you like, but if you use our prompts, please be kind enough to include a link to where you found them - it's so that other folks can find us, too!

That's about it, I think. If you've an idea for a prompt, feel free to suggest it at the Suggestion Box and if it gets used, you will have full credit. Have fun, and happy shipping!

~ The Mods


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